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Life is full of ups and downs, and getting some professional support during the tougher times can make all the difference. Sitting alone with our worries and pain can feel unbearable, yet when we share them within the safety of a warm and trusting relationship, things start to feel more manageable. I’d like to reassure you that whatever you bring to counselling, I will provide a warm, compassionate and respectful space where we can explore your thoughts and feelings together without judgment, going at a pace you feel comfortable with.

Perhaps you want to talk to a counsellor in order to come to terms with something that has happened to you, or maybe you feel your problems run at a deeper level - unexplained feelings or unhelpful relationship patterns, for example. Psychotherapy is about getting to know yourself better, with a view to understanding how you help to construct the world around you. 

Together we will identify your patterns of relating to those around you - and in turn how others tend to respond to you. We will look at how you deal with difficult feelings and why this might be. We will explore your belief systems and your defence structures, so that you can decide which still serve you well,
and which may no longer be necessary or helpful.

But perhaps the most significant thing I can offer you is meaningful contact with another person who understands the complexity of what it means to be human - to sometimes feel scared or anxious, sad or angry, guilty or alone.

Why not come along for a chat and see how we can work together to make things better?


This depends on so many factors. If after an initial session we decide we're a good fit, I usually suggest we start by meeting once a week for six weeks. After this time you may feel you would like a break to consolidate your experience, or you may feel you'd like to stop. Most people however, decide to continue on a weekly, fortnightly, or as-and-when basis. I try to work as flexibly as possible to accommodate your needs, time and budget.


Between £50 and £60 per 50-minute session. Please note that a 50% cancellation fee is always charged, regardless of the reason, for sessions cancelled or missed with less than 48 hours' notice.



There are so many reasons why people come to therapy.
Issues I frequently work with include (but are not limited to):



Relationship problems (incl. affairs and relationship breakdowns)

'Mid-life crises'

Parenting concerns (incl. becoming a parent, antenatal anxiety and post-natal depression)

Bereavement & loss (incl. baby loss)

Low self-esteem

Emotional numbness

Feeling stuck or frozen

Being 'the bad guy'

A sense of repeating the same old mistakes

Issues around gender, sex and sexuality


Low mood without knowing the cause

Life 'ennui'

Finding meaning/purpose

Difficulty managing anger

Feeling different/separate

Self-sabotaging behaviour





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I'm a fully qualified counsellor/psychotherapist with more than 12 years’ experience. I run a private counselling practice in Victoria, SW1 and in Surbiton, Surrey. I also work at St Thomas' Hospital in London with PETALS, the baby loss charity, supporting people who have suffered a still-birth, late miscarriage or birth-related trauma.

I am an accredited member of the British Association For Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and I adhere to its Ethical Framework. I am also on the Professional Standards Authority Accredited Register, and my work is supervised by an experienced practitioner. All client identities are, of course, kept anonymous.

My training and counselling style is integrative, which means I can draw on a range of psychological theories as appropriate. These include CBT (which focuses on our behaviour, challenges the meaning we attribute to thoughts, and offers practical techniques for coping with anxiety, depression, paranoia, low self-esteem and so on); psychodynamic theory (where our childhood experiences continue to influence our adult responses, often out of our awareness); humanistic theory (where a non-prescriptive, warm, non-judgmental and authentic relationship between you and I can be sufficient for healing), existential theory (an exploration into how you give meaning to, and make sense of, your own life) and transactional analysis (where we get to know the different parts of you - that are often in conflict with each other - so that you can develop a stronger, more peaceful relationship with yourself).

When it comes to effective counselling however, I believe that above all it's the quality of the relationship between you and I that will be the most important factor in facilitating change. It's really important that you feel comfortable with your choice of therapist, and for that reason I would encourage you to try out a few of us.


First Class Honours degree in Integrative-Relational Counselling 

Cert. HE in Counselling & Counselling Skills




My counselling practice is very close to Victoria station, on Buckingham Palace Road. 

UPDATE APRIL 2021: My practice is currently at full capacity. I will update here when I am in a position to take on new clients.

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My counselling room is a stone’s throw from Surbiton station, across the road from Waitrose.

UPDATE APRIL 2021: My practice is currently at full capacity. I will update here when I am in a position to take on new clients.

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If you have any questions about counselling, how I work, or if you'd like to come for a chat, please use the form here to get in touch or give me a call on 07736 430738. All correspondence will be treated confidentially.

UPDATE APRIL 2021: Thank you for your interest in my website. Unfortunately my practice is currently at full capacity. I will update here when I am in a position to take on new clients. 

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